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TurtleMob Releases Free Audio News Caster for Android Mobile Phones.
Mobile development firm TurtleMob, has released "News Caster", a new Text To Speech News reader in the form of software application targeted at mobile phones with Google Android operating system.
Listen to the Latest News in Real Time with News Caster (Audio)
News Caster will search the web and find the latest news posted on major news web-sites.

Select the news you want to hear and News Caster will read out the news to you via Android Text To Speech technology.

Find the latest news in English, updated in real time from: US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America.

You can use the Free Native Text To Speech voice already available on your Android Device or you can install premium TTS from SVOX, IVONA etc...
The application is downloadable for free from Google Play, and also from the company web-site:

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