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TurtleMob Releases Free Vampire Audio Book for Android Mobile Phones.
Mobile development firm TurtleMob, has released "Vampire Speech", a new Audio Book player and e-Book Reader in the form of software application targeted at mobile phones with Google Android operating system.
Based on the latest "Text to Speech" technology, this free application enables users to listen and at the same time read the several classic Vampire Books as audio books directly via their smartphones.
All books, are downloadable via the mobile network: users can select Vampire books, chapters and sentences to be read out loud by a computer voice form the Mobile Phone. An intuitive user interface enables easy navigation: play, pause, save / resume,while reading the texts.
"Vampire Speech" is targeted at people interested in improving their knowledge of Vampire Traditions and also English literature, facilitating learning this language.
The application is downloadable for free from the Androd Market, and also from the company web-site: Contacts:


Download and Listen to Ten Classic Audio Books

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Download the following Audio Books for Android


Burton Richard,1821-1890,

Vikram And The Vampire, 413 KB

Gautier Theophile,1881-1872,

Clarimonde, 74 KB

Glad Victoria,1907-1981,

Each man Kills, 36 KB

Lefanu Joseph Sheridan, 1814-1873,

Carmilla, 155 KB

Polidori John William, 1795-1821,

The Vampyre, 73 KB,

Stoker Bram,1847-1912,

Dracula, 836 KB

Viereck George Sylvester, 1884-1962,

The House Of The Vampire,154 KB


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